A Smart City vision

Is you company part of a city movement?

Would you like to take part in the city change?

In today’s world, people’s pervasive use of communications – and more particularly, wireless – has changed the atmosphere not only in private companies but also in local governments, who now seek digital, virtual and mobile solutions. The internet is rapidly expanding into all fields of action within cities, and these cities are in need of technological solutions based on huge IoT net (sensors and other devices) and intelligent Big Data analysis.

People need to count on technology on a daily basis, to keep up with a society that is becoming more and more collaborative.

On the other hand, cities need technology to offer all kinds of information and transparency, attract new investors, boost the economy, and increase or improve the social benefits of their inhabitants, while at the same time trying to stop offshoring and emigration.

Public sector are now looking for new strategies – including omni-channel, full-dimensional platforms, integrated technologies, and holistic solutions – that may help design accessible, inclusive and functional cities.

Therefore, public administrations need enlightened, open-minded politicians with the ability to innovate and to make the most of these strategies.

In turn, private suppliers should work with executives who are able to think outside the box, with an open market vision, above own solutions; knowledgeable in financial and legal issues (PPP – Public-Private Partnership), services and infrastructures and the government competences structure.

In order to present a well-organized and professional proposal to the public sector, it is necessary to carefully explore the city´s needs and the available resources, and have a thorough knowledge of the cities – from urban planning to several technological solutions.

Companies need executives with the ability to lead these processes, and with excellent institutional relation skills, as well as multi-sectorial vision. The executives should have a deep insight of the company, as well as an ample vision of the city.

More than ever, selling a Smart City Project today entails, for an ICT Solutions Provider, an intelligent customer-cantered sales strategy, which takes into account the current municipal policies.

Enrique Ruz Bentué

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